I’d rather have good talent than money to find good talent.

I feel like good talent is going to start getting harder to find than sufficient investment capital for new companies. 

The top talent that we’ve attracted has been the result of those people seeing us from an outside view and seeing our team grow and succeed. We don’t poach employees ever our of principle, but the ideal employees I’ve been finding are the ones don’t need the job but are always thinking “man that seems like an awesome place to work”.

Sweet Tooth HR is all about culture. We push the fact that you’re joining an all-star team of Canada’s smartest and enlisting to change an industry. It’s just like recruiting a sports team or an elite squad set out to fight terrorists in a foreign nation. Totally badass.


The amount of money in your offer could have nothing to do with quality of the talent you attract. For start-ups, this is great to know but you still need to understand what the person really wants:

  • What will make you happy?
  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
  • What kind of company/culture do you want to be a part of?


Then, before even pitching an offer, accommodate to these requests and provide a reasonable pay or sufficient stock options on the side. If you’re looking for engineers, have them try some coding and see if they like it (and see if you like their code).