Respond promptly, respond always.


Quick responses say you care. They move the business along faster. They show you are serious and they can mean the difference between winning or losing. 

Bob Schwartz, President of Magento (recently acquired by PayPal), Dave Fedy from McCarter Grespan and John Jessup at Cloud Conversion are all awesome leaders that were partially my inspiration to think this way. 

If you can’t give an answer back to the person who messaged you, just reply “I’m sorry, I can’t give you the answer you’re looking for” or direct them to the right person, but at least you responded promptly and you are not ignoring them. We are always connected to the internet and it takes no commitment to say that you received someone’s e-mail. 

I go through about 100+ quick-question e-mails per day (+ many more other emails) and it only takes 1-5 min of my time to answer most of them. And if you ever get to a point whereyou’re too busy to answer everything, just get an assistant to help out.