How to launch a social media strategy that doesn’t suck

So you launch a product and now you want people to share it with the world… It’s not an easy problem to solve at all. How do you get people to share? Here are my tips in order of importance:

#1. Start with producing meaningful content or something really interesting.

It doesn’t matter how much you ask, the mass wont share unless they truly like the content. Surprisingly, most companies stumble here.

#2. Ask, but ONLY after content/value has been delivered.

DO NOT ask before. Think, have you ever hit a site and shared within the first 10 seconds? No, probably not, unless it was a picture of llama dressed up in something funny or something crazy like that. That’s why good blogs/news companies put the social share links at the bottom of the article. Don’t be annoying.

#3. Incentivize the share-politely.

Most people are smart enough to know they are helping you out. Give them something for doing it and be clear. it can be as simple as: “Know anyone else who might think this trip is cool? Help us out by sharing!” or “Share if you think this trip is awesome”. A consumer play can be more playful too, like “Like us and we’ll show you a picture of a cat in a batman costume… seriously!”


How NOT to ask people to acknowledge your good content...


I was recently speaking to a friend about their social media strategy and I thought I would write a post to summarize my tips. I’ve had the privledge of seeing over 100 company’s social media strategies through my experience at Sweet Tooth, so although I’m not a “social media expert”, I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t. I hope these tips help more people out there!


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