Taking it from good to great is what will make you a amazing leader.

Every growing company will have problems along the way. It’s a consequence of being distruptive to the market.

Do you think Apple was always so great? Microsoft did not veer from their constant upswing from time to time? Even Google and Facebook consistently receive a flood of love-hate.

Being part of a growing company can be a party one week and a death spiral the next week. 

Recognizing that every company in the world has its ups and downs is tough. 
Getting it back on track when it goes down is what will make you a great leader.

As a leader, you need to identify the problem, invent a solution, let go of your emotions, trust your team and move on – quickly. 

Kik is a great example. 2 years ago RIM hit them with a patent lawsuite in the wake of their exploading success. What Ted Livingston, their CEO, and the Kik team did to revive the messenger’s success up to it’s now 19-million userbase is simply extraordinary. Kik even returned to Blackberry despite the harsh feelings.

Seems hard, right? IT IS HARD! That’s why when you hit the skids with your project and bring it back successfully you’ll be a far better leader than you have ever been.


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